Edward Streeter and Mary

Though not directly linked to Isaac, the only other family  in the West Tarring / Broadwater area in the second half of the 1700’s was  Edward and Mary. Edward   ( baptized 4.2.1736   died n/k  )  married Mary    at Pulborough  . His father and mother were Edmund and Elizabeth of Pulborough        Edward and Mary ,s first child Mary was baptized at Clapham. Their other 3 children were all born in West Tarring – Edmund , David and Jane .Edmund was baptized  20.11.1768 – was Isaac,( to date not transcribed ),  a son of Edward and Mary  or was he actually Edmund?  Indeed the common practise at that time of naming children ,parents and grand parents goes slightly wrong in that Isaac is not used in the family for another 3 generations   

Michael Streeter and Charlotte

 Of all of Isaac,s children Michael seems to have been most settled ,indeed he appears to be content as first an agricultural labourer ,rising in later years to a gardener . He seemed to settle with his family in his home ( the house at the rear in the picture ) maybe because of his disabled daughter Susannah to give her a stable home . Records show him living there pre-1861 census to possibly till his death in 1888.  The house itself caused some confusion as it was built with the forward house . At first it was either ignored or known as “the house behind no15” even in the latter end of the 1800s the front house was renumbered to 43 while the house Michael and his family lived in was 43a . After Michael,s death the 1891 puts Michael’s son David and his wife and looking after his sister Susannah

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Streeters and the seas

As was possibly normal at the time ,if peope  didn,t get a trade they either ended working on the land or they went to sea .Indeed Isaac went to sea then became a farm worker. Though others of his  family went to sea at least 3 of his grandsons ended up as ships Masters ( Captains). They were Michael,s sons , David and Stephen , and William,s son James

David Streeter  - david it seems opted for a fishermans life . In 1881 he was master of the fishing vessel “isobella” a boat with 6 crew including his 64 year old uncle. In 1891 the census locates him in West Tarring  still as a fisherman

Stephen Streeter - Stephen opted for the merchant navy mainly sailing out of Shoreham .One route he appears to work was up to Sunderland where he successfully gained his second mates certificate ,dated 15 dec 1860 he didn,t take long to take to get his first mates certificate though 5 days later he achieved this at  Shoreham . Eventually in 1863 he got his masters certificate though this as short lived as he died between 1866 and 1871. Part of the application for the mates promotion is experience and on Stephen,s list were coastal trips ,Lisbon and the Mediterranean

James Jackman Streeter - James ,like Stephen opted for the merchant navy .He moved to London and his career up to getting his master,s certificate in 1871 seems to be  working to China and South Africa . Indeed living in London achieved some documentation for at least 2 of his children with Leonard being noted for 25 years in the police force and his daughter Mabel  being in London notices for the marriage to a prominent Consultant in Harley Street Edwin Lancelot Ash .James’s death is mostly marked up as not known - somewhere between 1891 and 1901 however his death could possibly down to a reported unfortunate sea voyage of a steamship called Etna

Isaac Streeter and family (additional)

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