George Streeter 1816 – 1871  married Ann Killoway

George (bap 23.6.1816)  initially a labourer  became a groom – He married Ann Killoway 2nd oct 1841 and they had nine children Benjamin , Catherine, Henry, Sarah ,Frederick, Elizabeth , Caroline,George and Thomas . George died 14th Jan 1871 only aged 54 .Ann survived George by another 35 years (Ann bap 23rd jan 1820 died 1906)

 Edmund Streeter  1799- 1873  -   Mary Leggett

Edmund ( bap 25.8 1799 )Married   13th November 1822 (West Tarring Worthing) Described as a shoemaker , cordwainer (fancy shoe maker) and a gent Edmund and Mary had 2  daughters , Naomi  and  Mary . In the 1861 Edmund had laundress next to his name ( should have been Mary?)And daughter Mary was still at home as an ironer. When  Mary( Edmunds wife)   died (1787 - 1873) there was recorded a tombstone -

“Wife of Edmund. Blessed are they, and only they who in the Lord, the Saviour, die; Their bodies wait Redemptions day, and sleep in peace where'er they lie.”

Mary died 20th april 1873 , Edmund followed not much longer on 4th august 1873

 Edward streeter 1801-1870 -   Jane Goble

 Edward (bap 25th Jan 1801 )  down as a agricultural labourer married Jane on the 13th october 1836 both of them in their 30,s .By accident or design they had no children and Jane died in 1847 , 11 years after they married ,and Edward never remarried.Transcribed records don,t record Edward however the original census was very hard to read, but a bit cross   referencing has him as a farmer with 3 labourers in East Tarring , living with his sister-in-law Hannah Goble. By 1861 still living with his sister-in-law Edward was down as an agricultural labourer.  Edward died on the 23rd august 1870                                                                                                    

Michael Streeter 1798 -1854   Charlotte Denn

Michael (bap12th feb 1804) married Charlotte Denn 23rd May 1829 .Michael was an agricultural labourer and in later life a gardener and between them had 4 children , George ,David, Stephen and Susannah. Susannah to give it the modern term had an “intellectual disability” one of the comments on the census said “of child like qualities.” Because of this she lived with her parents and when they died she lived with her brother David . Charlotte (born 1806) died in 1882 .Michael died in 1888  George became a bricklayer but both his brothers became sea captains though Stephen died young between 1863 and 1870       


William Streeter  1812- 1864       Mary Ann Jackman

William (bap 13.12.1812) married Mary Ann 16. 10.1837  It  was also  noted that Mary Ann was 19 at the time. William became a maltster until his death (22.1.1864) They had 7 childen ,Frances ,Henry , Emily , Mary Ann , Willam ,James Jackman , and Sarah Ann .Indeed wether it was Mary Ann,s influence James Jackman Streeter had his mothers maiden name and he retained and used it all his life



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