Streeters and Sussex

All though a  lot of  church transcripts are not available yet, though  there is quite a few from West Sussex more than likely influenced by the historic nature of Chichester . There is a lot less from East Sussex . Another problem with tracing Isaac and his family is that some  Streeters  were first fishermen then became farm workers later in life and fishing records are scarce The Streeters in West Sussex are many however as the name is a common name like smith many are not related

West Tarring area

Most records give Issac’s  home area of West Tarring though on the baptismal records of his children he’s marked as a Salvington   man , a small village ( in 1811 the population was recorded as @100 ) on the north  edge of West Tarring . Today the area is dominated by Worthing which  in  the late 1700,s was a small seaside village (due to patronage of a member of royalty Worthing grew quickly in the 1800,s eventually swallowing up its northern neighbours.)A road runs directly north out of Worthing and about 2 -3 miles north either side of the road was West Tarring  (pop  @450 in 1811) to the west of the road and to the east was Broadwater ( pop @1000 in 1811 which also included Worthing) In the mid 1700’s  there was very few records of Streeters in West Tarring/ Broadwater  however about 10 miles north west in Pulborough there was a lot of Streeter records Another parish recording  a few Streeters was Steyning  5miles  northeast

 Isaac Streeter    1766-1847   Sarah Martin    

Isaac married Sarah Martin (1777-1856) at St Michaels church   Broadwater on the 19 Oct. 1795 .It  was the first known reference of him . The 1841 census   and his death record  records his age which gave him a  birth year of  1766.  Issac and Sarah had 14 children .Isaac appeared ,possibly  following  the general trend, started as a fisherman turning to being an agricultural labourer in later life .Isaac died 21st Feb. 1847 aged 81. Sarah died  21st April 1856


Mary Streeter bap 15.12.1805  died  n/k

Benjamin Streeter bap 14.11.1802  died 7.1.1805

Elizabeth Streeter bap 2.5.1807  died 20.12 1807

Jane Streeter   bap 8.11.1810  died 24.6 .1813

Martin Streeter 1798 -1854   Susan Winchester

Martin  baptized 15.4.1798  died 10.8.1854  farming  labourer (though at his daughter’s wedding  he was a  gamekeeper ) They had 5 children – Edward,  John (who both died young ,) Sarah , William and Jane  After Susan’s death Martin eventually remarried his wife’s sister in law ,  also widowed, Sarah Winchester . In the 1841 census Martin and Sarah were living with Sarah . William, Jane     and  James Winchester , Sarah’s son  . Unusually at his second marriage  his father was named as Edward  .Son of  Edward and Mary ? well his will may disprove that Unusual to see a will however it was drawn up 21st june 1854 just weeks before he died (10 aug. 1854 ). He named the  executor  as his brother Edmund .( if this Edmund was the son of Edward he would have  been in his late 80,s ) Possibly he wanted just his first family to inherit .Indeed he left his monies to be split between Sarah,Jane and William ( though he did leave his weaving apparel to William)                                                                                 

Ephriam Streeter  1818- 1897   Eliza Carter

Ephriam ,bap 17/06/1818,   for most most of his life appears to have been a fisherman on trawlers off  the south coast of England .In the 1881 census Ephriam at the age of 64  was first mate on the ship Isabella ( fishing boat) the master  being his nephew David Streeter .More than likely because of his sea faring he married late in his 40,s to  Eliza Carter at Lambeth 15th sept 1862 No records have been found yet about  descendants. When they both died in 1897 they left  money to Frances Balcombe his sister (£242 18s and £234 14s 10d)

Frances Streeter 1820 -1907  William Balcombe

Frances (,bap 30.7.1820,) at  30 was a housemaid for a Thomas Scutt a clergyman in Brighton . Not long after in 1853 she married William Balcombe , a grocer of Brighton .They had 4 children , William ,Thomas, Sarah and Fanny. Thomas followed in his fathers footsteps as a grocer but William took up the occupation of architect. Her husband William died in 1899 and in 1901 she was still a grocer at the age of 76 with an assistant living with her. Frances died in 1907                                           

Anne Streeter 1814 – n/k.   James Hills  

 Anne( bap 17.4.1814 ) married James  at St Marys Broadwater 25th aug 1834 . in the early years together james was a gamekeeper but  by 1861 they had moved into  farming  in Albourne  north of Brighton    They had 4 children Mary, Thomas, Esther and Albert. James died in the 1870,s and with the help of her grown up children  Esther and Thomas Ann ( the e had been dropped) continued as a farmer  Ann possibly died in the 1880s

Sarah Streeter 1808 – n/k     Thomas Smith

Sarah(bap 13.11.1808)  was first  recorded as a cook in the service of the family of William Rhodes ( a retired solicitor) and  still single  in 1851 . By  1861 though still in the Rhodes family  (William had died) she had married a fellow servant Thomas Smith  .By  1871 Sarah and Thomas were no longer with the Rhodes family Thomas working as a coachman ,even at the age of 67 , with Sarah aged 71 he was still a coachman – no further records have been found yet however


Isaac Streeter and Family pt1